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Cleaning Up the Fashion World

Did you know that by “Refacing” you’re doing something good for the planet? The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, next to oil. With so many great treasures already in your closets, you’re giving our clients more options and contributing to a decline in the demand and production of new items. Your well-made luxury pieces hold their value and last longer than fast fashion items. By extending the lifecycle of high-quality goods, you’re helping to create less fashion waste. It’s a double bottom line — you’re saving money and doing your small part to create a cleaner environment.


Closet Enhancing: Taking into account your physical attributes, lifestyle, and personal fashion style. Our stylist will achieve and maintain your desired appearance for your closet. We organize garments by season, type of garment and color.

1)Define your style: what your style says about you). We discuss your lifestyle, what you would like to put out for the world to see professionally and socially.

2)Wardrobe organization: your closest will be organized in a way that will allow you to “shop your closet” every day.

3)Shopping: We will suggest a focused shopping list of what is needed to fill the needs of your new wardrobe.

4)Follow-up: a team member will check back for style maintenance visits to keep you focused.

Enhancer stylist goal is to transform your closest into your own Boutique.

Creating three piles (yes, no or maybe)

1. Love it!

2. Is it still flattering to me?

3. Is this the image I want to portray?

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